Weblogs.com is a ping server run by LexisNexis that automatically notifies subscribers when new content is posted to a website or blog. Essentially it acts as a central hub between publishers and consumers of content: Publishers notify the community at large when new content is posted, so that large-scale consumers of content (such as search engines) don't have to guess or blindly poll sites to check for new material. By creating a more efficient interchange between the two sides, content can be indexed and distributed more quickly, as close to real-time as possible.

Weblogs.com is the original ping service on the web and receives millions of pings every day from blogs, news and other information sources that have configured their publishing software to notify Weblogs.com the moment new content is published. Many of the large blog publishing platforms automatically ping Weblogs.com on behalf of its users.

Weblogs.com is a free, open service and everybody with a blog or website with updating content can ping it. For instructions, please click 'Ping Weblogs.com' on the front page. For people looking to access and leverage the ping stream and be notified of updating sites in near real-time, please click the 'Download' link on the front page.

For people looking to access and leverage the ping stream and be notified of updating sites in near real-time, please click the 'Download' link on the front page.

The benefits of pinging Weblogs.com

Bloggers and other publishers of content benefit from pinging the server because:

  • It helps improve the speed at which search engines index your content. Many of the large search engines access the Weblogs.com ping stream and use it to update their search indexes.
  • It supports distribution and visibility across the web and blogosphere in general. Not just search engines access Weblogs.com, but blogging platforms, web services, ISPs, aggregators, social networks and more.
  • The benefits of calling Weblogs.com changes.xml feed

    Weblogs.com is one of the largest ping servers on the web, and processes around 4 million pings every day. Individuals can access the changes.xml feed free of charge for non-commercial use. Calling Weblogs.com gives access to:

  • A live, continuously updating stream of pings showing all the current updates on blogs and other information sources across the web
  • Undiluted access to around 13 million updates a day
  • A short history of Weblogs.com

    Weblogs.com is a site originally created by UserLand Software and later maintained by Dave Winer, one of the founders of RSS. In 2005, the Weblogs.com assets were acquired by VeriSign, who recognised the infrastructural significance of the service. Around the same time VeriSign also acquired Moreover Technologies, an original news aggregator set up in 1998 and led by Nick Denton.

    The Moreover team managed the Weblogs.com service within VeriSign, and integrated it with its news and social media aggregation business.

    In May 2009, after embarking on a new strategic direction, VeriSign divested of Moreover to an investor group led by Paul Farrell. The Weblogs.com ping server transferred to Moreover as part of this move.

    On October 20, 2014, LexisNexis® Legal & Professional, a leading provider of content and technology solutions and part of Reed Elsevier, acquired Moreover Technologies, Inc. Now under LexisNexis, Weblogs.com continues to operate as a free, open access ping server.